Lighting is invariably the last consideration when decorating a home though it can make a huge impact on the way your house looks. Most home owners depend on furniture, lighting, art objects, paintings and color to create a desirable atmosphere at home. Nothing wrong with that If quality of lighting, its intensity and the styling of the light source can be considered simultaneously you could transform your home from beautiful to stunning ! The bedroom needs soft lighting while the kitchen needs bright light in the cooking area. The dining area lighting over the table as well as some general illumination on the walls. At Kapoor light life style we can assist you with your choices on all aspects of lighting. Our in house lighting design experts have helped design lighting for some of the most premium residences in India and overseas as well. Drop in at our showroom ,call or write to us.

Some of our projects we have completed are below:-

  • Mr. K.P. Singh (DLF)
  • Ms. HuzmaIrfan (Prestige)
  • Mr. Sunil Munjal(Honda Group)
  • Mr. Adani(AdaniGroup)
  • Mr. Ruia(ESSAR)
  • Mr. Asha Khaitan(KhaitanGroup)
  • Mr. Ambani(RelainceGroup)