Perhaps the most challenging lighting projects since they are truly people’s projects. Our project team deals with the complexities of ensuring tasteful display without compromising on the preservation requirements of priceless artifacts . Fiber optic ,recessed adjustable down lighters cold cathodes, halogen based high out-put light fixtures adjustable spot lighting are all used to create an environment that we ensure objects remain true to their visual identity . Not a shade less or more.
We have lit museums & monuments across Asia with a keen understanding of how to light these environments. Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder, we just make sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed.
 Our experience dealing with government, and with large and complex organizations over six decades, allows us a unique appreciation for taking on such projects.
CTA Call Mr. Michael at 011-46389696 Or mail us at info@kapoorlampshades.com.

Some of our projects we have completed are below:-

  • Indore Palace