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Kapoor Lamp Shades – Illuminate Your Space with Elegance

Discover a world of elegant lighting to illuminate every corner of your home with Kapoor Lamp Shades. As one of India’s leading buy lights online stores, we offer an unparalleled selection of over 5,000 lighting fixtures to match any interior style and budget.


Please browse our catalog of buy lights online options ranging from dazzling crystal chandeliers to modern LED lamps. Our collection includes luxurious imported designs and artisanal Indian lighting crafted from the finest materials. With Kapoor Lamp Shades, you can find the perfect home light, decorative light, or luxury light to create a warm ambiance in your oasis.

Introduction: Discover a Wide Selection of Exquisite Lighting Fixtures

Kapoor Lamp Shades brings you a thoughtfully curated collection of interior and outdoor lights for every room to enhance your garden or patio. Our expansive range includes elegant chandeliers, decorative pendant lights, stylish wall lights, adjustable floor lamps, bedside table lamps, vanity mirror lights, and much more.

You can shop by style to find lighting that matches your interior aesthetic – from classic crystal chandeliers with old-world charm to contemporary LED fixtures with clean, minimalist lines. We also offer a variety of energy-efficient lighting solutions to help reduce your carbon footprint.

With thousands of designs to suit any decor, you will find the perfect lights for your home here. Read on to explore some of our collections and shop categories.

Explore Our Collection


Make a dazzling statement in your living room, bedroom, or dining area with one of our majestic chandeliers. Choose from crystal, metal, fabric, or wood chandeliers in glamorous designs ranging from traditional to contemporary. Our intricate chandeliers light options are ideal for adding a touch of luxury to any space.

Wall Lights

Illuminate your hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms with elegant wall lights to complement your décor. Pick from mounted or plug-in wall sconces made from metal, wood, glass, and other materials. Uplight your hallways or highlight artwork with these stylish light fixtures.


Discover a wide range of table lamps, floor lamps and desk lamps to illuminate every corner of your home. Our collection includes adjustable arc lamps, orb lamps, ginger lamps and more in metal, fabric, glass and wood. Choose suitable study lamps, bedside lamps or living room lamps to create a relaxing glow.

Outdoor Lighting

Enhance your garden, patio, or balcony with weatherproof outdoor lights designed to make your exterior space beautiful and practical. Select from outdoor pendant lights, spotlights, lanterns, and string lights. Illuminate pathways, highlight trees, and create a magical ambiance outdoors.

Pendant Lights

Add a touch of modern elegance with pendant lights designed to suspend over kitchen counters, dining tables, or seating areas. Choose from an array of hanging lights in drum, orb, cone, or bowl styles. Make a style statement with artisanal pendant lights that exemplify contemporary design.

Mirror Lights

Light up your dressing area with well-designed mirror lights ranging from Hollywood strip lights to modern LED mirror lamps. We offer vanity lights, lighted mirrors, and mirror strips to brighten up your bathroom or bedroom as you prepare for the day.

Luxury Lighting

Indulge in opulent luxury with our exclusive range of high-end designer lighting imported from across the globe. Make a dazzling statement with Swarovski crystal chandeliers, a curated selection of avant-garde Italian lighting, and handcrafted masterpieces by renowned designers.

Shop by Style

Modern Elegance: Contemporary Designs with Clean Lines

Our modern lights collection includes minimalist pendant lights, decorative LED wall lamps, arc floor lamps and other contemporary fixtures. The sleek, fuss-free aesthetic of these design-forward buy lights online options makes them ideal for urban homes and modern offices.

Classic Charm: Timeless Beauty and Traditional Aesthetics

Our range of classic lights includes crystal chandeliers, candelabras, French country sconces and other ornamental fixtures inspired by traditional styles. These elegant yet understated lights are perfect for adding old-world allure to period homes and chic contemporary spaces.

Industrial Chic: Vintage-inspired Fixtures with a Modern Twist

Achieve the popular industrial look with our range of pendant lamps, wall lights and table lamps featuring galvanized metal, Edison bulbs, exposed wires and other vintage design elements—the raw yet sophisticated aesthetic pairs well with urban lofts and modern homes.

Shop by Room

Living Room Lights

Choose from chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, sconces and pendant lights to illuminate your living room beautifully. Create a welcoming glow for family time in front of the TV or an intimate dinner.

Bedroom Lights

From beautiful chandeliers and pendant lights to bedside table lamps and vanity mirror lights – find fixtures to light up your personal haven and set the mood.

Dining Room Lights

Make mealtimes more magical by lighting up your dining space in style. A stunning chandelier or pendant light over the table and wall sconces around the room complete the look.

Benefits of Choosing Kapoor Lamps

Superior Quality

We meticulously inspect each lighting fixture to ensure exemplary build quality and durability. Our chandeliers are made with premium crystal, while lamps and other fixtures boast expert craftsmanship.

Exceptional Design

Our in-house designers stay ahead of the latest trends to curate a fashion-forward collection. You’ll find exclusive statement lights you won’t see anywhere else.

Energy Efficiency

We offer a wide range of energy-saving LED bulbs and fixtures. Illuminate your interiors beautifully while reducing your carbon footprint.

Why Choose Kapoor Lamp Shades For Your Lighting Needs?

Wide Selection

With over 5,000 lights – from modern lamps and rustic pendants to majestic crystal chandeliers – we are a one-stop lighting destination.

Competitive Prices

As a leading buy lights online brand, we offer the same exceptional quality as boutique stores at a fraction of the price.

Fast and Secure Shipping

Your order is carefully packed and shipped through reputed courier partners, keeping your lighting purchase safe until it reaches your doorstep.

Hassle-Free Returns

If unsatisfied, you can return the products to us within seven days for a hassle-free refund or exchange.

Discover statement lighting for your home this festive season! Explore our online catalog and get set to buy lights online to illuminate your interiors in style. For any queries on your purchase, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What types of decorative lights for home does Kapoor Lamp Shades offer?

We offer a vast range of decorative lighting, including chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps and more in various elegant styles. You can choose crystal, metal, fabric and wood options to enhance your interiors.

  • What luxury lighting options does Kapoor Lamp Shades provide?

Our luxury lighting collection includes ornate crystal chandeliers, avant-garde Italian lighting from renowned designers, handcrafted masterpieces and more to make a dazzling style statement.

  • Can I find a variety of home lights at Kapoor Lamp Shades?

Yes, we offer over 5,000 options ranging from modern, contemporary, classic, vintage and more to illuminate every corner of your residential or commercial space stylishly.

  • Can I buy lights online from Kapoor Lamp Shades?

Absolutely! As a leading online lighting store, Kapoor Lamp Shades makes it easy to discover and buy lights online for delivery across India.

  • Does Kapoor Lamp Shades offer interior lights suitable for different rooms?

Yes, we offer specialized lighting solutions for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Shop chandeliers, sconces, lamps, vanity lights and many more fixtures to brighten up any room.

  • Are the decorative lights at Kapoor Lamp Shades designed to add elegance to any interior?

Our diverse range of decorative lighting, including crystal chandeliers, pendant lights, sconces etc., is crafted to effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of modern, classic and other interior styles.

  • Does Kapoor Lamp Shades provide lighting solutions that complement various interior styles?

Absolutely! No matter what your interior decor – from modern minimalist to industrial vintage or traditional ornate – we have stylish lighting solutions to complement and complete the look.

  • Can I find exclusive, unique lighting options at Kapoor Lamp Shades?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our exclusive designer collections and handcrafted artisanal lights that you won’t find anywhere else. Discover one-of-a-kind statement lighting to elevate your interiors.

Discover the perfect lights to illuminate your home in style and comfort at Kapoor Lamp Shades.
For any queries on buying lights online, please contact our friendly team.