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Buy Decorative Outdoor Lighting Online at the Best Price in India

Adding outdoor lights to your yard can enhance its welcoming atmosphere by carefully choosing the appropriate amount of lighting. At Kapoor Lamp Shades, you can create visually appealing environments for entertaining guests in various outdoor spaces, such as gardens, patios, balconies, or porches.

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space, nothing beats the convenience of being able to buy outdoor lights online in India.

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Explore Stunning Types of Outdoor Lights Designs for Home

Various designs and styles are available for outdoor lights to suit your taste and requirements. Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular types of outdoor lights that you can find at Kapoor Lamp Shades:

Outdoor lights for ceiling:

Transforming your outdoor space has always been challenging with these tailor-made ceiling lights for effortless hanging and equipped with all necessary hardware. Installation becomes quick and straightforward, Offering brilliant illumination above you. Outdoor ceiling lights provide overhead illumination, ensuring your outdoor spaces are well-lit and safe, even after the sun goes down.

Outdoor pendant lights:

Elevate the sophistication of your outdoor space by installing pendant lights. The suspension of these lighting fixtures adds an enchanting focal point that captures and holds attention effortlessly. Our expansive collection covers various designs, from traditional aesthetics to modern styles.

Outdoor Hanging Lights:

For those desiring to imbue their space with an element of whimsy and currently looking for effective methods to achieve this goal, installing exterior hanging lights might be a viable option worth pondering. 

Outdoor Spotlights:

Using spotlights to highlight aspects of your outdoor setting, such as sculptures, trees, or architectural components, can be an excellent choice. Illuminating the area surrounding these objects from a designated angle is one effective way to achieve this goal. If you want to enhance your outdoor space, you can conveniently buy outdoor lights online in India.

Porch lights: 

Porch lights are installed outside buildings to provide light for the front entryway. Serve two purposes. Firstly, They enhance visibility. Secondly, they add to the overall beauty of your property.

Balcony lights: 

By installing outdoor lights on your balcony properly positioned, You can transform it into a charming and inviting retreat, allowing you to optimize the space available. Enhance the lighting on your patio by incorporating various options like wall-mounted sconces and pendant lights. Outdoor house lights serve as beacons of welcome, guiding you and your guests to the entrance of your home with a stylish and functional design.

Top Outdoor Lights Offered by Kapoor Lamp Shades

At Kapoor Lamp Shades, we offer high-quality outdoor lights that combine style and functionality. Our top-rated outdoor lights include:

Garden Lanterns: 

These exquisite lanterns can enhance even the most hastily assembled outdoor spaces. The diverse selection of forms and measurements guarantees you will be able to find one tailored precisely to your taste and style. Outdoor garden lights add a touch of enchantment to your garden, casting a warm and inviting glow on pathways, plants, and features.

Solar Pathway Lights: 

Our solar pathway lights are a fantastic choice for those seeking environmentally friendly lighting options for their outdoor area. Outdoor solar lights harness the power of the sun to create eco-friendly and energy-efficient lighting solutions for your outdoor spaces.

LED String Lights:

Elevate the allure of your abode by incorporating our bewitching LED string lights into its ambiance. Choose how you want to utilize these adjustable lights – suspend them elegantly from treetops, extend their brilliance over your patio space, or artfully drape them along pergolas for added charm. LED outdoor wall lights offer superior brightness and longevity while reducing energy consumption and providing a modern aesthetic.

Wall Sconces:

Suppose you want to improve the lighting on your home or workplace’s interior or exterior walls. Wall sconces provide an ideal solution. These fixtures combine attractiveness with functionality by offering enhanced illumination through ambient and task lighting options. Outdoor wall lights illuminate the exterior of your home, providing both safety and aesthetic appeal.

Essential Factors to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Lights

When purchasing outdoor lights online, there are several essential factors to consider:

Brightness and Illumination: 

Determine the level of intelligence you desire and choose lights that provide adequate illumination for your outdoor area.

Energy Efficiency: 

Opt for energy-efficient outdoor lights to minimize electricity consumption and reduce carbon footprint.

Durability and Weather Resistance: 

Please ensure that the lights you choose are designed to endure outdoor conditions, including but not limited to rain, wind, and exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Style and Design: 

Consider your outdoor space’s overall style and design, and select lights that complement your decor. Outdoor decorative lights transform your outdoor areas into magical spaces, creating an ambiance that is both inviting and visually stunning.

Installation and Maintenance: 

When searching for outdoor lights, It is advisable to consider options that are both easy to install and maintain. Which will help provide a hassle-free experience without any unnecessary complications.

Explore a Variety of Outdoor Lights Categorized by Material for Your Outdoor Space

At Kapoor Lamp Shades, we offer outdoor lights crafted from different materials, each with unique characteristics. Here are some popular options categorized by material:

Glass Outdoor Light: 

Glass lights bestow upon their surroundings a captivating luminescence. A diverse selection awaits you, from traditional lanterns to modern fixtures crafted from this timeless material. Buying outdoor lights online in India will illuminate your outdoor area with stunning lights. Transform your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis by buying outdoor lights online in India.

Metal Outdoor Light: 

One cannot undermine the exceptional reputation that metal lights have garnered regarding durability and longevity. These luminous structures possess unmatched endurance capabilities that enable them to withstand harsh weather circumstances without faltering.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Lights: 

Stainless steel lights boast exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust, rendering them an optimal selection for outdoor areas prone to moisture exposure.

Plastic Outdoor Light: 

Plastic lights, known for their lightweight nature and diverse range of colors and designs, present an appealing choice for those who are price-conscious or inclined towards a whimsical aesthetic. 

PVC Outdoor Lights: 

PVC lights possess commendable qualities such as durability, resistance to weather conditions, and effortless maintenance. These lights are ideal for outdoor spaces demanding robust and enduring lighting options.

Benefit Of Outdoor Lights

Investing in outdoor lights offers several benefits:

Enhanced Safety and Security: 

Properly illuminating outdoor spaces deter intruders, ensuring enhanced safety for you and your family.

Extended Outdoor Living: 

By incorporating the appropriate outdoor lighting fixtures, you can expand your outdoor living area and relish in evenings outside, well past the departure of sunlight.

Improved Aesthetics: 

Outdoor lights that are strategically placed can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor area—bringing attention to its natural beauty and contributing to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Increased Property Value: 

Thoughtful design and regular outdoor lighting maintenance can significantly increase your property’s value, making it highly desirable to potential buyers.

Why You Should Buy Outdoor Lights From Kapoor Lamp Shades

When you choose Kapoor Lamp Shades for your outdoor lighting needs, you can expect the following advantages:

Wide Selection: 

We are pleased to present our extensive range of outdoor lights, guaranteeing you will discover the ideal lighting solution for your outdoor area.

Quality and Durability: 

Outdoor lights use top-grade materials to ensure their durability and optimal performance in various outdoor conditions.

Competitive Prices: 

Our dedication lies in delivering outdoor lights that present exceptional value for your investment. We accomplish this by offering competitive prices alongside uncompromising quality.

The Convenience of Online Shopping: 

At Kapoor Lamp Shades, we offer you the convenience of browsing and purchasing outdoor lights online, which helps you save time and effort.

Fast Shipping and Easy Returns: 

We prioritize promptly shipping your orders and aim to satisfy you completely. Furthermore. In the event of any issues. Our hassle-free return policy is in place to address your concerns.

Warranties and Customer Support: 

Our products come with warranties. And our committed customer support team is constantly available to help you.


To conclude, incorporating suitable outdoor lighting is crucial for creating an inviting and visually impressive ambiance in any outdoor setting. Kapoor Lamp Shades offers a seamless online shopping experience for customers in India who want to buy outdoor lights in India. By partnering with Kapoor Lamp Shades as your reliable source, you gain access to various superior-quality online options at competitive prices. Moreover, hassle-free doorstep delivery further enhances convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Lights :

  • Where can I buy outdoor lights online in India?

You can buy outdoor lights online in India from Kapoor Lamp Shades’ official website at

  • What are the advantages of buying outdoor lights online?

Buying outdoor lights online offers convenience, a wide range of options, competitive prices, and doorstep delivery.

  • How do I choose the right outdoor lights when buying online?

Consider brightness, energy efficiency, durability, style, and installation requirements. Read product descriptions, check customer reviews, and consult with our customer support team if needed.

  • What types of outdoor lights are available for purchase online?

Online retailers offer various outdoor lights, including ceiling, pendant, hanging, spotlights, porch, and balcony lights.

  • Can I find energy-efficient outdoor lights when buying online?

Many online retailers offer energy-efficient outdoor lights, including LED and solar-powered ones.

  • How long does shipping take when I buy outdoor lights online?

Shipping times can vary depending on location and the retailer’s shipping policies. However, Kapoor Lamp Shades ensures prompt shipping of orders.

  • What is the return policy for outdoor lights purchased online?

Kapoor Lamp Shades has a hassle-free return policy. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you can contact our customer support team for assistance with returns.

  • Are there any warranties offered for outdoor lights bought online?

Yes, Kapoor Lamp Shades provides warranties on its outdoor lights. The specific warranty details can be found on the product pages or by contacting our customer support team.

  • Can I find discounts or special offers when buying outdoor lights online?

Kapoor Lamp Shades occasionally offers discounts and special offers on outdoor lights. Keep an eye on our website and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest promotions.